The Book

By Patrick J. Lenney
Publisher: WestBow Press
A Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan

Read the full-length story that will strengthen or restore your faith in God and in miracles. Written by Ariell’a father, Patrick, who shares first-hand how prayer and the Prophetic delivered baby Arielle from death. 

Baby Ariella was under water for 10 minutes, and the first medical reports stated that she had severe brain damage and most likely would not live. Yet God works in miraculous ways, and with one family and a community’s avalanche of prayers and faith that reached God’s heart, God performed a great miracle.

In Ariella’s Miracle, Patrick J. Lenney captures the tremendous impact that this miracle has had on all involved. As you read the story of Ariella, a family and a community of faith, you will witness God’s grace and the community’s persistent barrage of the heavens by prayer and prophetic words instrumental in Ariella’s healing. Through this miracle, you can learn about the transforming love of God and why you should ask God for help even if you are struggling with your faith.

We can all be encouraged that God’s hand is still present in the world for us, and that he is still performing miracles on a daily basis. This healing can be there for you today, because God said that he is not done. Ariella’s Miracle can help you discover or rediscover the hope and inspiration you need when facing the darkest moments of life.

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