A Story of Courage, Faith & Hope

A Story of Courage,
Faith & Hope

The Inspirational True Story

At only 16 months, Ariella fell into the family pool and was under water for 10 minutes. The first medical reports stated that she had severe brain damage and most likely would not live. Yet God works in miraculous ways, and with one family and a community’s avalanche of prayers and faith that reached God’s heart, God performed a great miracle.

Read The Book

The inspirational real events where God miraculously healed and raised Ariella (Lioness of the Lord) are retold in the book, Ariella’s Miracle. Read the amazing full length story that speaks to God’s love, grace, and healing. It’s an encouraging example of faith, prayer and hope. Ariella’s Miracle will help those desiring to make sense of miracles and are seeking God for miracles in their own lives!


Sharing The Message

In response to Ariella’s miracle, her parents Nora and Patrick felt compelled to share with the world what God has done. If you are reading this and are going through a difficult time, or have a child that is in need of a miracle, they understand a great deal of that pain and sorrow. Nora and Patrick have been moved to be available to others in those dreadful moments, to pray for you and your children.